Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump
A high quality concrete floor or pavement requires not only to be level but it should also have high wear resistance, high compressive strength, reduced shrinkage and minimum water permeability.

Typical Vacuum Dewatering System consists of:

  • Surface Vibrator - 1 No.
  • Vacuum Equipment consisting of
      - Vacuum Pump - 1 No.
      - Suction Mat Top Cover - 1 No.
      - Filter Pads - 6 Pieces
  • Skim Floater - 2 Nos.

Why only TREMIX method?
Suction Mat of special grade multilayered polymer sheets alongwith reinforced distance cushions on the Filter Pads ensure sufficient cross-sectional area to squeeze out and remove excess water from the concrete. This design is a prerequisite for effective dewatering.


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