Uni 30
Uni 30
Single piston pump for spraying mortars and pumping grouts.
  • Universal: Uni 30 is the most powerful piston pump with ball valves available on the market today. Widely tested in all working conditions, it is extremely strong and reliable and is ideal for any sort of civil and industrial building work.It can be powered by an electric motor (E version) or a diesel engine (D version).
  • Top performance: No matter which motor is chosen, UNI 30 guarantees delivery of up to 50 litres per minute with up to 7 mm granulometry for spraying and up to 10 mm granulometry for pumping. The maximum working pressure of 45 ÷ 50 bar means the material can be delivered up to 150 ÷ 200 meters in distance or 40 ÷ 60 in height.
  • Totally indipendent: The version with positive action mixer makes the machine totally independent: in fact the mixture is prepared autonomously in a sufficient amount to give a constant supply to the pumping or spraying outlets. The basic version (S) of UNI 30 is fed with the mixture prepared in a cement mixer or directly by a silo.
  • Safe to use: UNI 30 has a series of devices to guarantee simple and safe use, i.e. automatic shutdown of the mixer when the grill is opened, safety sensor to protect the engine, diesel engine with low sound and gas emissions, in conformity with current standards, automatic and mechanical safety device against overpressures.
  • Applications: Spraying concrete or grout, concrete mixtures with admixture, traditional plasters, refractory mortars and fibre-reinforced mortars. Pumping common or readymixed mortars for brick walls, cellular and lightweight concrete blocks, cement or anhydrite self-levelling screeds,refractory mortar, concrete and micro-poles with cast or injected mortar and grouts.
  • Why should I buy it? Essential and easy to use. Washing and routine maintenance operations are extremely easy and quick. It allows the operator to work easily and in safety. Competitive price and a machine commercial value that adapts through time. It respects national and international safety standards.


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