Transmat 250 E / 330 E
Mixing and conveying machine for screed, mortar and concrete.
  • The TM 250 is reliably the most popular mixture and conveyer in Europe.
  • The special design concept of the power distribution in the working cycle gives an excellent performance with only 5.5 kW.
  • Quality mixture, safety and high output make it a landmark machine for professional screed layers
  • From the most advanced TURBOSOL research here is the new exclusive machine to mix, convey, lift traditional screed and isolating screed using expanded clay, polystyrene, perlite, vermiculite, mortar, concrete and aggregates.
  • A cutting edge model, full of innovation and new devices to improve the productivity increasing hourly output by 20-25%with the same power consumption making the machine more efficient, safer, easier to use, maintain and clean.
  • A long lasting investment.


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Transmat 250 E
Transmat 250 E
Transmat 330 E