Ride On Trowels RoT - 900 / 1200
Ride On Trowel
RIde on Trowels are now increasingly used for larger floor areas requiring to be finished faster.
We offer Ride-On-Trowels in two varients RoT 900 and RoT 1200
  • Powered by 20 or 24 HP petrol engine.
  • Different rotor diameters 900 mm and 1200 mm are available.
  • Two separate control levers for controlling the machine travel.
  • Equipped with water tank and sprinkler mechanism.
  • Two navigation lights.
  • Easy change of discs and blades.
  • Easy transportation using trolley.


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Ride On Trowels RoT - 1200
Ride On Trowels RoT - 1200 with trolley