Laser Screed
Laser Screed
Somero Enterprises, USA offers Laser Guided Vibrating & leveling machines, which enable laying of concrete floors at high speed.

Somero product range includes:

  • Small line machine namely CopperHead which is also suitable for upper deck or suspended slabs.
  • S-840 new introduction is equipped with raking head, augers and finishing head.
  • Large line Laser Screeds suitable only for slabs on grade.

Laser Screed machines compliment the high speed concrete supply from batching plants and hence can lay 1000 to 5000 sq. mtrs. of concrete floors per day.

The CopperHead XD is a self-propelled machine with a dual laser controlled screed head fitted on it. This machine powered by Honda petrol engine is also fitted with two laser receivers on screed board, 3 m screed board and a scrapper.

The two laser receivers fitted on the screed board continuously receive the signal from the transmitter. This signal is processed and screed level is adjusted by a fast response hydraulic system. Solid ATV tyres allow the machine to be used on conventional re-bars as well as steel fibres.


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Large Line Laser Screed
CopperHead XD