Large Width Floors

With the availability of Batching Plants, Transit Mixers and Concrete Pumps, it is now possible to produce concrete in large quantity, transport it and put in place. It is now possible to control the workability of concrete while maintaining the water : cement ratio (which is the key for Compressive Strength) with the use of various Admixtures. Hence with use of large width Surface Vibrators and Ride On Trowels, it is possible to cast panels as wide as 12 mtrs. X 25 or 30 metres length.

This process reduces the number of joints as compared to Vacuum Dewatering. Better floor levels can be achieved in this method with the aid of tools like the Bump Cutter, Bull Float etc... Thus, larger areas can be done with less man power and in lesser time and higher accuracy.

(For more information, see Section Flex Screed)