Concrete Scarifier VA 30 S / FR 200
Concrete Scarifier
The concrete surface Scarifiers from VON ARX AG, Switzerland are extremely useful machines for wide range of applications.
  • Loosely fitted cutters on drum produce heavy impact on surface, thus removing top layer.
  • Parking brake provided for machine safety.
  • Different types of cutters are available to suit different applications.
  • Choice of different prime movers i.e. electric motor, petrol, or diesel engine.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Providing skid-free texture on concrete road / bridge wearing course.
  • Profile correction on concrete pavements.
  • Maintaining the desired coefficient of friction on airport runways.
  • Providing a mechanical key on industrial floors to ensure proper bonding between the base concrete floor and the synthetic overlay.


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Concrete Scarifier VA 30 S
Different types of Cutters
Concrete Scarifier FR 200
Concrete Scarifier FR 200
Different types of Cutters