Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Aquarius Technologies, in association with HTC Flooring Systems, Sweden is now launching Grinding & Polishing machines and the technology.

Grinding & Polishing Technology is a value addition to the existing methods of making high quality Concrete Floors. In conventional floors, the top skin of cement+ Sand is removed to expose the aggregates. This exposed surface is then polished to make it shine.

Different tools with impregnated diamonds are used for this process. HTC has developed patented floor type called HTC SuperfloorTM. This type of floor is created in 7 steps:

  • Steps 1 to 3 : Grinding the top surface to remove skin and expose aggregate
  • Step 4 : densifying it with chemical application.
  • Steps 5 to 7 : polishing the densified surface to increase the surface gloss.

This is done with HTC's diamond tools in several steps with gradually smaller and smaller grit sizes. The process consists of grinding, refinement, impregnation and polishing. This procedure gives the surface a high gloss polish and all the qualities that characterize a real HTC SuperfloorTM.

HTC SuperfloorTM is available in four different concepts to suit everyone's tastes and needs. The four concepts are called Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze and they all have their own unique features. HTC SuperfloorTM Platinum is the concept that gives the floor the best characteristics.

Grinding & polishing can be done on existing floors as well. This technology, thus gives the end users to have the flat levelled floors. Surface damages, spill spoting etc are easily removed in this process.

  • Substantial improvement in asthetics
  • Stronger top surface
  • Dust free environment for almost all industries (except food & Pharma)
  • Improved ESD properties.
  • Unlike overlays like epoxy, no worry about de-bonding.
  • Lasts much longer than overlays
  • Cost effective as compared to overlays.
  • Easy to maintain with just water and TwisterTM pads.


HTC makes following types of equipment:

  • HTC Black line HDX (4 head)- suitable for Grinding & Polishing 500mm, 650 mm, 800mm, 950 mm, 1500mm dia.
  • HTC Black Line HD Classic (3 head) - suitable for Grinding & polishing 500mm, 650mm, 800 mm dia
  • HTC Grey Line - Suitable for Grinding only 270 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, 550 mm
  • HTC Edge Grinder 270 mm dia
  • Dust Extractors - Used alongwith Grinders for dust removal
  • TwisterTM - used for maintenance.