Avant 30
Avant 30
Single piston pump for spraying mortars and pumping grouts.


  • It is ideal to to transport ,spray and inject common or special cementicious mixtures with granulometry up to 10mm.
  • It is extremely strong & reliable and it is ideal for any sort of civil and industrial building work.
  • excellent performance and very low running costs.

Powerful Piston Pump:

  • Avant 30 is the latest version of the famous Turbosol piston Pumps.
  • The machine is equipped with single piston pump and compensation lung for uniform and continuous spraying of the material.
  • It is extremely strong and reliable and it is ideal for any sort of civil and industrial building work.
  • Avant 30 is equipped with strong three-phase 4kW electrical motor in order to be able to work up to 20 floors in height.

Fast to maintain easy to clean:

  • Simple maintenance thanks to simple solutions.
  • just three greasing points , to ensure that the machine is always in perfect working condition.
  • Simple cleaning procedures for the hopper & the pump.
  • Smooth and liner surfaces

Easy to use Safer to handle:

  • Remote pneumatic control start/stop for the machine directly from the gun.
  • Simple user friendly controls.
  • Automatic shutdown of all the moving parts when opening the vibrating sieve and when opening canopy.
  • Safety protection sensors for the motor and the compressor.
  • Low loading height and special profile of the hopper for more efficiency.


  • Spraying traditional plasters, refractory mortars and fibres-reinforced mortars.
  • Pumping common ready mixed mortars, cement or anhydrite self – levelling screeds , refractory mortar, and grouts.

Essential and easy to use:

  • Washing and runtime maintenance operations are extremely easy and quick.
  • It allows the operator to work easily and in safety.
  • It guarantees uniform and continuous spraying of the material and very low working and maintenance cost.


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